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  • Outdoor Insect Repellent Clip Adult Children Mosquito Repellent Buckle


  • Sourced from natural Cymbopogon chamomile essential oil
  • Works in any occasion indoor or out door.It’s even waterproof
  • Provide constant protection for 2~3 months.
  • Wearable clip design,could wear it on your colth ,backpack,pocket or shose anywhere you want.
  • 20 patterns avalible,randomly sent


        1. Placed the clip as close as possible to exposed skin, for example on the edge of cuffs, on shoelaces, on a visor of cap or hat, pockets, backpacks, or any item of clothing.

        2. Two or more clips can be worn to maximize the effects.

      3. When not in use, please store it in a zipped bag.

      4. The clips remain effective for up to 2-3 months 5. When unused, stored in a zipped bag, the clips remain usable for up to one year.

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