2018 New Programmable Remote Radio Controlled Led Bracelet Rgb Color, Light Up Wristband

2018 New Programmable Remote Radio Controlled Led Bracelet Rgb Color, Light Up Wristband

Radio Controlled Led Bracelet Rgb Color, Light Up Wristband

This 2.4G remote controlled led bracelet you can program the flashing ways and reset it after receiving it.

This remote controlled led bracelet can be also made like remote controlled, you can choose led color and flashing modes by yourself.

2.4G remote controlled led bracelet with 1*AAA batteries, convenient and easy to replace it.

remote controlled led bracelet has long control range, all bracelet within control range can be controlled.  


Product features:

1 product operating frequency is 2.4GHZ, the transmission power is 12W, used effectively at a distance of 300 meters to 800 meters control distance depends on the environment in the field.

2 using 3 7th batteries (AAA) and can work continuously for 5 hours.

3 products-8 zones can be controlled individually, or controls one or more separately.

4 has 15 species lamp color can select,

4 Styles for options:
1. Regular Flashing:

1)It flashes led color after turn it on.

2)It flashes in 3 ways: steady-slow-quick flashing.

3)Different led colors: Red, blue, yellow, green, white, or others

2. Sound Activated Flashing:

1)It flashes whenever there is a sound or music.

2)It is very sensitive for a sound .

3)It can be activated by very low sound.

3. Sport Flashing:

1)It can blink when you shake.

2)It is very sensitive for a sound.

4. Remote Controlled Flashing:

1)It flashes by a remote controller.

2)It can be controlled from 700 meters away.

3)It is controlled what color to flash: red, blue, green, or pink.

4) It can control which section to flashes during a concert,celebration,etc.

    It can control different 8 zones, from A to H zones.


1. 6hours battery life

2. Zones control
3. Adjustable size like watch bands.

4.1*AAA batteries are replaceble



7 thoughts on “2018 New Programmable Remote Radio Controlled Led Bracelet Rgb Color, Light Up Wristband

  1. SPEXTRUM says:

    Hello, we are a design company SPEXTRUM and I am a manager Eunbeen.
    I’d like to order 15,000 bracelets.

    I have some questions to ask before I order.
    1. The white plastic parts of the bracelet can be changed color?
    2. Is single tone printing possible on a bracelet? (On top of the white plastic part of the bracelet)
    3. The goods must be arrived in Korea at the end of June.

    If they are possible, When do I have to designate the colors and send the 2D design ?
    If all of these schedules are available, please give me a quotation.

    Please confirm and let me know if you have any questions.

    Best regards,

    Eunbeen Kwon.

    • Sugar Wei says:

      Dear Eubeen.

      Thanks a lot for your inquiry.

      About the question answer to you as below:
      1.The white plastic part we can change it to with your pantone color.
      2.We can printing your logo on the top of plastic parts.
      3.If you can confirmed before 25th May we can make the goods production out within 20days and the shipping time to Korea by air is 3-4days, so it is can arrived in end of June.
      Please have to designate the colors and send the 2D design before end of May .

      Kindly check my mail , have send the quotation for you by mail, hope it is workable for your market.

      Contact me, if anything i can do.

      Best Regards

      Laura Dong


      Shenzhen Fire-Wolf Electronics Factory

      Add: Building2,Floor 2 Huafeng Industrial Park,Nanchang Industrial zone Gushu,Xixiang Town,Baoan District Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China

      Phone: (86)755-29191155
      Cell phone: 0086 18320859832 / whatsapp: +86 18270805431

      Fax: (86)755-29191110

      Email:2355824262@qq.com mail: hllp1@szhllp.com

      URL: http://www.led-sticks.com

      Skype: Sugar-wei521

      • SPEXTRUM says:

        Dear Laura

        Thanks for your reply.
        Could you please give me three quotations?

        1. Quotation for 15,000 bracelets purchased.
        2. Quotation for 15,000 bracelets when the white plastic part color changes.
        3. Quotation for single tone printing on 15,000 bracelets.

        The design has not yet been decided.
        Please let us know the difference in cost when purchasing 15,000 standard, changing the plastic part color of 15,000 bracelets, and adding printing on top of 15,000 bracelets.

        Kindly check my mail, we would appreciate your prompt reply.
        Please let me know if you have any questions.

        Best regards,
        Eunbeen Kwon.

  2. Andrew says:


    I am interested in getting some of your LED wristbands for a Christmas event.
    We are looking for about 700 bands.

    Please will you let me know full costings for them and how they are controlled.

    Thank you

    Perth WA.

    • huolang says:

      Dear Andrew.

      This Sugar, thanks a lot for your comment.

      May i know do you have logo requirment? if so, kindly informed how many color of your logo?

      By the way, if convenient for you, kindly add my whatsapp account 0086 18270805431

      Contact me, if anything i can do.

      Sugar wei

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